Coir Pith-soil substrate

Coir Pith Block (5 Kg)


 Fibre Dust’s 5KG 100% Coco Coir Peat Block is a staple in the coco coir industry and  a primary growing media for agriculture and horticulture.  

Coir Brick / Briquette (650 gms.)


These coir bricks expand to 2 gallons of quality coco coir peat just by adding water!  Take the brick, place in a container (a 5 gallon bucket or 3 gallon nursery pot works great) add water and watch the brick expand. 

Coir Pith Disks


Available in various sizes and weights

COIR POTS-Biodegradable pots-substitute for plastic

Coir Seed germination cups /Seedling Cups


Coir pots and garden articles are Eco-Friendly, Bio-Degradable. Used for indoor & outdoor ornamental and nursery plants.These allow the roots to grow freely and these absorb water and dry the excess water.These are made with coconut fiber with rubberized latex.

Size: Top Dia. 6cms X Bottom Dia.3.5 cms X Height 6 cms.

Round Coir Pots


Bio-degradable, 100% Eco-friendly Available sizes: 4", 5", 6" 8", 10", 12"

Coir Hanging Baskets


Coir baskets with metal brackets, ideal for indoor or our door applications.

Coco Wall Baskets


Available sizes 10 , 12 & 16 inch

Seeding Trays & Sow Beds


These are mode form 100 % biodegradable coir. 400 GSM  to 1000 GSM thickness. Available in various sizes. Multiple cavity or single cavity. 

Multiple cavity tray Sizes:

  1. 8 Cavity: 27 cms X 13.5 cms(Cavity Sizes 6.5 cms X 6.5 cms.)
  2. 25 Cavities: 34 cms X 34 cms (Cavity Size: 6.5 cmns. X 6.5 cms)

Sow Beds:

Available Sizes:

  1. 17'' X17'' X 4''(inches)
  2. 17'' X17'' X 3''
  3. 10'' X 10'' X 4''

Root Trainer Pots


These pots are compression  molded and highly recommended for plantation crops such as Rubber, Coffee, Tea etc.Since this pots are 100%bio-degradable, there is no need to remove the plants(re-plantation not required) thus preventing the damage to primary roots.

Coir Garden Articles

Coir Poles


Highly rerecorded for  as support for creepers and climbers. This re also available in modular type, i.e one pole could be added upon other.

Available Sizes:

40 cms, 60 cms, 80 cms, 100 cms and 110 cms.

Coir root cover disk


Weed prevention disk

Coir Garden ARTICLES CATALOG (please download)