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M.K.Export Trading Export Company(MKETC) based in southern port of India (Kochi), was established  in 2017 and started exporting  Coir, Jute, Cotton and Rubber products, mainly Mat and Matting. We procure this products from 100's of small scale industries spread across south-India, for assured quality, we have set international standards, each and every product under go this very stringent quality inspection for making sure that our customers receive only the best of the best. Within this short time span we have exported several products globally and has gained customer satisfaction and trust. We never compromise on quality and always deliver on-time. We co-ordinate with the small scale industries for production of most of our products, In Kerala most of coir products are manufactured by micro units sprawled across the remote  nooks of Alappuzha and adjoining regions. It is estimated that 0.40 million people are employed in this trade, majority of whom are women. MKETC brings you the finest mats India can offer. Most of our products are Eco-friendly and bio-degradable*, hence we strive to make the world a little more greener and safer. with global warming and other climate disasters on the rise it is important to control carbon emission and use bio-degradable products to reduce our carbon foot print, our natural coir products are an apt solution for natural floor covering . "Lets work together for a better tomorrow"


"To export premium quality products, at affordable price"


"Export, Just the best !"



Door No: 19/200-A

Maraikal, Kannara P.O

Thrissur, Kerala


Pin Code: 680652


Call Us: +91.999.542.6323

e-mail us:business@mketc.co.in

GST  Number:  32ABLFM2344R1ZU

(Goods and Services Tax, Govt. Of INDIA)

We Bank with: State Bank Of India

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Basil Thambi


Basil Thambi

Managing Director

Our merits

Customer Focused and Commited


Quality adhering to International Standards


Prompt Response & Timely Delivery


Tie up with proven Manufacturers


Wide Range of Products


No Child LABORs used


Our Company here by self declare that,  We or any of our suppliers does not employee any person below the age of eighteen years at workplace.M.K.Export Trading Company prohibits the use of child labor and forced or compulsory labor at all its units. No employee is made to work against his/her will or work as bonded/forced labor, or subject to corporal punishment or coercion of any type related to work.




We M.K. Export Trading Company, as exporters of goods from INDIA, do hereby take a pledge that we shall in all our dealings in the international trade strictly adhere to the principles set out here under:

  1. We, appreciate and value the high ethical standards in business and are convinced in our behalf that only on such standards a permanent and lasting international trade between any countries can be built up.  We give this solemn assurance that we shall abide by and conduct ourselves in a manner that conforms to the high ethical standards in business.
  2. We undertake to strictly fulfill all contractual obligations made in good faith between the buyer and ourselves, and thereby protect the interests of the buyers and through them of their consumers. 
  3. We agree to continuously strive to improve the quality of our manufactures and goods subject these to any standards or quality control inspection procedure prescribed by the Indian Government or by the Commodity Board before packing and dispatch. 
  4. We undertake that all our stamping and markings on the goods and manufactures will correctly describe their quality and measure. 
  5.  We agree to adhere to the time of delivery specified in our contract as far as it humanly possible, subject to the act of God or a force majeure. 
  6. We agree to adhere to contractual specifications on the basis of samples submitted and approved by the buyers, within internationally accepted trade tolerances. 
  7. We shall endeavor our utmost to satisfy the requirements of the buyers in all respects.  If at any stage there is a complaint from the buyer that any of the obligations have not been fulfilled, we undertake to enquire into and settle the complaint as promptly and amicably as possible, using where necessary the good offices of the Export Promotion Council, Commodity Board or any other organization which exists in India for the purpose of promoting and assisting exports, excepting where there is specific mention in the contract of any recognized authority as Arbitrator, in which event we shall abide by the procedures prescribed in the contract. 
  8. We shall seek to obtain the proper prices for the exports as dictated by conditions in the international markets and to repatriate the proceeds of the export sales as early as possible. 


We want to declare that all the export incentives will be used only for the purpose for which they are intended. 


In the end we undertake that all our efforts shall be employed to secure reasonable satisfaction of our buyer. 


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