Shoreline stabilization

Armor stones is to be placed at the base of the bank to absorb the impacts of the high energy  waves.  Then COCOLOGS is to be installed, above the stones to absorb wave run-ups during storm attacks.  

River bank stabilization

The natural energy absorption of the CocoLogs: prevented altered reflection of the flowing stream (which may transfer erosive attacks down stream); while preventing the base of the stream bank from continued erosion (which  causes siltation within the stream);and allowed the undisturbed stream bank to become naturally vegetated. 

Erosion control


Golf Course and Landscaping

Coir GEO-TEXTILE as erossion control blanket

Coir GEO-TEXTILE for shore line stablization

Coir GEO-TEXTILE used in construction of canals

The Geotextile will prevent the erosion of soil by running water

Coir GEO-TEXTILE used for soil reinforcement

While constructing road or any other infrastructure on muddy ground the soil reinforcement is necessary, for which coir geo-textile is a natural substitute of traditional civil reinforcement textiles.

Other applications of Coir Geotextile

  • Sand dune stabilization
  • Ski slope and high altitude vegetation
  • Protection and re-vegetation of waste dumps
  • Wasteland development
  • Reinforced soil retaining stucture
  • Mine site reclamation
  • Protection from wind erosion
  • Mud wall reinforcement
  • Fly ash dump waste protection and greening
  • Agri and Horti engineering industries
  • Dams

Advantages of Coir Geotextile

  • The high tensile strength  of coir fiber protects steep surfaces from heavy flows and debris movement. It can withstand considerable pedestrian movement and vehicular traffic.
  • Easy to Install and huge contours of the soil surface due to its heavy weight and ability to absorb water.
  • Totally biodegradable  100% natural and provides neutrients.
  • Water absorbent, thus acts as mulch on the surface and as a wick in the soil mantle.
  • Environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing and non polluting.
  • Provides excellent microclimate for plants establishment and healthy growth. 
  • The thick and protruding fibers  from the yawn renders an extra protection against soil erosion and provides roughness to the surface floor and hold the soil particle in place.
  • The intersecting strands moves independently of one another in the coir geotextile thereby allaying fear of wild life entrapment.
  • The coir geotextile gives the grass plenty of room to grow and at the same time provides large number of check dams per square meter of soil media. Due to high resistance to salt water action, the coir geo textile remains virtually unaffected when used against wave lap erosion.
  • During the manufacturing process of coir yawn, no chemical are used.
  • Presence of pesticide residue in coir geotextile is below the toxicity of food items.
  • Holds the seed and sapling in place.
  • Allows sunlight to pass through.